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you rock, we suck

Name- Samantha Ferreiro
Age- 25
Location- Bensalem, pa
Sexuality- bi
Status- married
Name two of your favorite bands and three songs written by them.
Band Name- radiohead
1. idioteque
2. no surprises
3. high and dry
Band Name muse
1. sunburn
2. hysteria
3. stockholm syndrome
Six other bands you like
1. fischerspooner
2. modest mouse
3. at the drive-in
4. convert to 8 bit
5. interpol
6. k-os
Three favorite movies
1. amelie
2. the royal tenenbaums
3. bulworth
Three favorite books
1. choke
2. less than zero
3. prozac nation
Pick two things and write your opinions of them
Gay Marriges- everyone has the right to be happy. i don't think it's up to anyone to say how someone else should live there life with another person. people need to start living in today and not what some book tells them to.
Animal Rights-
Teen Pregnancy- i find it sad that we just blame the young girls. of course there's protection, but when it comes down to it, we as a society blame mostly the girl. i think this goes back to education, not just from what she learned in school, but what her parents did or did not tell her. sex is a part of everyday life and if we can educate our children rather then waiting for someone else to, i think it would be a different situation.
Why do you think you rock?(meaning why do you think we should accept you?) why not? honestly i'm sure i'll be hurt if you don't but deep down, i'll view the opinions i have at some point whether they are here or not. everyone likes to be a part of something. why not be a part of something where you know you will have your chance to speak and express how you feel without being shunned by it. i would like to see other views other then my own.
Pics of yourself(not needed, but liked)
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